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Jaclyn Lamb, Lily Kern, and Andrew Steer practice for the upcoming play “Appropriate Audience Behavior.” Practice runs until 4pm daily for the 8th graders.

Ilsa is a teenager charged with babysitting a demanding little baby. She knows she’s going to have struggles after the crazy mom Evian leaves. Ilsa and Evian are two out of 26 characters in the upcoming 9th grade play titled “The Customer is Always Wrong.”

The Ozark Junior High drama class is hosting their  first plays of the year. They are on December 14th in the main gym at 7pm. There will be an 8th grade play called “Appropriate Audience Behavior”, along with the 9th grade play. These plays are described as a short comedy and are 25-45 minutes long each.

Natalie Houston is the director, Olivia Tramel is the 9th grade stage manager, Lindsey Wagner is the 8th grade stage manager, and Shaeley Combs is the assistant director. There are 39 actors and 23 people on stage craft.

“The different crews on stage crafts is props, makeup, costumes, stage manager, set, sound, lights, assistant director, house crew, and Mrs. Houston,” Said Emma Burton.

“We have the school play to help students develop and practice acting skills, creativity, and have the opportunity to have fun,” said Mrs. Houston. “I picked the plays to compliment all the talent I have this year in my performance drama classes.  I tried to get shows that would allow each student a medium-sized role so they could get experience on stage. They’re also funny plays that I think audiences will enjoy watching.”

“Appropriate Audience Behavior” is about many characters going to see a Hamlet play. The two main characters, Carol and Ashley, are faced with the problems of dealing with rude audience behavior. They have to move many places to get the right seat. The play focuses on the audience being loud, and obnoxious.

“The Customer Is Always Wrong” is about four teenagers who start their very first job. Throughout the play, they find out that it’s not easy dealing with people. This is for workers that have ever had to go through the pain of dealing with their worst customer ever.

The cost of the shows is $3.00 for students and $5.00 for adults. The shows altogether will last 60- 90 minutes.