Ozark 8th Graders Go to Cox Health for Career Day

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October 8th to October 31st the Ozark eighth graders got the chance to explore medical jobs by touring Cox Health on career day.

Many students are interested in going into the medical field, especially in southwest Missouri.  Alexis Goss was very excited to tour the hospital. Her Cox trip visit was October 22.

“I believe the Cox trip will be fun and to learn new things. I would like to do dermatology which includes things with skin, nails, and hair. My mom actually works in the medical field at Cox and always talked to me about dermatology and it just caught my attention and made me interested,” stated Goss. “While going on the Cox trip I’m most looking forward to exploring the hospital and the helicopter. I may actually have the chance of getting to see my mom there, as she works as a nurse practitioner, she is usually working in the OR.”

While Goss looked forward to the Cox trip, at least one teacher felt the same.

“I always look forward every year to see parts of the hospital that “normal people” don’t usually get to see, and learning about all the possible jobs they offer, not just nurses and doctors,” said science teacher Mrs. Heather Aust. “ I would absolutely like to continue giving our students a peek into so many different career field and possibilities that they didn’t necessarily knew existed. Some kids forget about which day they have the Cox trip vs which day they job shadowing. Balancing our classes I feel like it isn’t that huge of an issue.  I try very hard to keep up with our timeline for students and they know what is going on and what is expected of them. I very much so enjoy doing this trip, learning is so much more than a classroom and books. This gives our students a great opportunity to ask all kinds of different questions than normal and see all kinds of different jobs right in front of them,” said Aust.
Ozark Junior high has been visiting Cox Health for the last several years.

“Cox Health is the largest employer of Christian County residents. Mr. Strickler sets up the Cox partnership 6 years ago.  Cox Health contacted several schools in southwest Missouri asking them to come visit, but we were the first school to take them up on the offer,” stated eighth grade counselor John Lasley. “I would like this trip to continue for several more years. There are struggles when trying to move that many students over several days.  I will say, our staff here at the junior high is amazing to work with. They modify their lesson plans in an effort to support the trips.”

Students and teachers are divided into four teams; half of the students have a career day and pick a job to observe and the other half of the team has the Cox trip. Then they switch. In total, Ozark takes 8 trips to Cox every year.