Key Club Comes to OJH

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A couple students working the concession stand at the Homecoming game to raise money for Key Club.

Ozark Junior High School has many different clubs that provide a wide variety of skills for its student body. A range of clubs that OJH offers are Robotics,business, languages and many more.


There is a new club called The Key Club. The club stands for “child organization” which means  that the children and students are key members of society because they are willing to serve. The club is named for its desire to have students and leaders to give back to their community.


The sponsors of the Key Club are Kathrine Head and Sarah Floyd. Mrs. Head, ninth grade teacher, and Mrs. Floyd, a high school teacher, both work together to advise the club. This club gives students an opportunity to serve their school and community through community projects.


Ninth grade student, Gracie Hall, is a member of Key Club. Hall is most looking forward to all of the activities that Key Club will be doing this year. So far they have helped with the concession stand at the high school for Homecoming. Some other things that they will be doing are Christmas projects, adopt a highway, Ozark block party, and many more.


“I joined the Key Club because it was new this year and it sounded like it would be good and fun to do. I am excited because I look forward to joining new clubs,” says Hall.


In Key Club students are required to establish a certain number of hours of community service. Ninth grade students have to achieve an average of 50 hours, while eighth graders have to complete ten hours.


“Our goal this year for Key Club is to get as many students involved, give back to others, and help students gain life skills through communication,” said Mrs. Head.


This club has many students involved and ready to begin volunteering throughout their community. Members are always encouraging others to get involved with this club and are preparing  for the year.