Relationships Class Teaches Students Life Skills

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Haylee Salsman and Gracie Hall work on their family tree project. Students learned about different types of family structures , which helped them make their family trees.

Relationships is a FACS class where students learn about many different ways to deal with relationships. They learn about how to have healthy relationships, not only romantically, but also with family and friends. Other things they learn about include things like grieving, or even depression and anxiety.

The class is taught by ninth grade teacher, Sarah Brockmeier. Mrs. Brockmeier  also teaches foods and design fundamentals.

At the end of 8th grade, students had the chance to choose what electives they wanted to take the next year. Some students may have been just placed in the class, but others chose to take it.

“I took relationships because it gave me the practical art credit that I need to graduate high school,” said freshman Gracie Hall.

Not only is it a credit class, it has been teaching students real life skills.

“I have used some things I learned. When we were talking about family issues, I talked to my family about how we should talk things out,” says ninth grader Christian Butcher, “like we learned in relationships, instead of fighting and arguing.”

Along with Butcher, freshman Haylee Salsman has also been putting these skills to work.

“We learned that when you are trying to express your feelings to use ‘I words’ instead of ‘you words’. I’ve been trying to use I words when I’m upset.”

Students learn when their mad they tend to blame others, like saying “you made me mad” or “this is your fault.” But students learned to use words like “I feel this way.”

But do the things these kids learn affect if they like the class?

“I think my favorite thing about Relationships is the fact that everyone seems to get along and it’s not just a class,” said Salsman, “It kinda feels like a close-knit family.”

Sometimes the closeness can be hard on some students.

“We talk about a lot of personal things in here,” said Butcher, “Which may be a little touchy for some students.”

Mrs. Brockmeier is the reason Relationships is Hall and Butchers favorite class.

Teachers also have favorite things about classes.

“My favorite thing is probably gonna be mate selection, so like who you should marry and have kids with,” said Mrs. Brockmeier, “I like teaching it because it is so important because that person is such a big part of your life and your happiness.”

For every class the teacher has goals they want the class to accomplish.

“My goal for relationships is to better equip students with the skills necessary to have successful, fulfilling relationships,” said Mrs. Brockmeier.

Relationships is a semester class so freshman interested will be able to take it next semester also.