OJH’s Very Own Coffee Cart: Jackson’s Java

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Although the day has just begun, the Jackson’s Java staff is up and about serving coffee, tea, and snacks to OJH teachers.

Americans consume about 400 million cups of coffee each day. A few of those cups come from right inside OJH.

Jackson’s Java is a coffee/tea cart that goes around the school to staff in the mornings and afternoon.

Most people know our class as ‘Jackson’s class’, so we called it Jackson’s Java,” said Ms. Tamara Jackson, the teacher that came up with the idea for the cart.

In the morning, the cart takes a 45 minute route around the school. Teachers can buy candy bars, cookies, chips, and different types of snacks as well as coffee and tea. In the afternoon, it only takes the cart about 25 minutes to complete the route because you can’t buy coffee in the afternoons.

“I get their coffee every morning,” said spanish teacher Rebecca Uccello. “They always have good coffee and I love their Oreo creamer.”

Ms. Jackson started the coffee cart service right after spring break of the 2018 school year. She explained that all five students in her functional skills class help her run the cart.

We are just trying to keep our teachers happy,” Ms. Jackson said with a smile.

Science teacher Ms. Ash told us that she gets many things from the cart, such as coffee in the winter and iced tea in the summer.

The sugar cookie cream is amazing!” Ms. Ash remarked.

Being able to work the cart has not only kept our teachers happy, but our students also.

“It really helps get our students out and about the school,” Ms. Jackson said. “They can meet different teachers and interact with them. It also gives them a chance to build job skills, communication skills, and money skills because they have to take people’s money, and make change for teachers.”

All the profits from the cart go into an account that buys supplies.The leftover profits help pay for student lunches when students go on a field trip at the end of the year.

“I really wanted to get our students out in the school more, and I wanted them to work on their job and money skills,” Ms. Jackson said. “It has been a big success.