Life in the Eyes of a Lunch Lady

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Brooke Michael, second from right, and the OJH lunch staff pause in their quest to get turkey sandwiches made for students before fourth hour lunch.

Students crowd the halls when the bell rings to go to first block. Students go to English, History, Math, and many other classes. But the place that all kids love the most is the lunch room.

This is where students can find Brooke Michael one of the school lunch ladies at Ozark Junior High does. Despite all the complicated parts of the job like cleaning the kettle, that is so big she could almost fall in it and all the food that Brooke makes, when students walk into the lunch line they can tell that she cares. “ Everyday when I walk in she greets me with a big smile,”said Hannah Jones. “And she doesn’t spit in my food,” Jones adds with a smile.

“I love getting to talk to all the kids,” said Brooke. But socializing and getting to know the kids is only part of what she does during the day, she also has to do laundry. And even before 9 A.M., she has to start preparing lunch. “ I think that the most favorite lunch is mashed potatoes and gravy with chicken nuggets because it’s comfort food,” said Brooke.

Brooke also has two kids of her own Corbin and Cayden. Every day when she gets off of work she goes to pick the boys up after school. She doesn’t just cook at school, she also cooks for her family.

“ I cook for my family every night except maybe either Wednesdays or Fridays,” Brooke said.

But the year always comes to a end, and this is the hardest part for Brooke. “ I hate when the school year is over and all the kids I get to know move on to other schools,” says Brooke, “ because I miss them.”