NJHS starting up at Ozark Junior High

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Students preparing for inductions during an NJHS meeting.

National Junior Honor Society is starting again this year with a new leadership team and plans for inductions.They held a meeting in early October and handed out applications while explaining what the club is and what students should put on the forms.

Students applying for NJHS were required to list any awards they have received, volunteer service hours they have completed, and skills they think they show. The applications were judged by a group of teachers, who decided which students were fit for the club.

“Around 60 kids applied, but on average we accept around 45-50” said Mrs. Lindsay Ash, a sponsor of NJHS along with Mrs. Kelly Cope.

Mrs. Lindsey Ash and Mrs. Cope planned a service event for October 26-27 at the OC Forest of Fun. One student there was Hartley Basset, a freshman who was also a member last year.

“We handed out candy to little kids on the OC path,” Bassett said. “There were a few NJHS kids there, and about 12 NHS kids from the high school.”

NJHS welcomed new members into the club on November eighth with an induction ceremony. Current members were asked to work a shift, while the membership team gave short speeches about Service, Eligibility, Leadership, Scholarship, Character, and Citizenship.

The club plans to have many more service events this year, which include a Christmas party and volunteering at the Women’s shelter in Ozark. Last year the students had an Easter egg hunt with the children and Ash got so much positive feedback that they chose to go there again.