Aspiring Teenage Photographer

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Lauren Plumpe snapping a picture of her model, 8th grader, Lynzi Moore.

Have you ever wanted to start your own business or carry on a dream of yours. Lauren Plumpe had done so with her dream of being a photographer. A lot of hard work, perseverance, and effort has helped Lauren achieve her goal as a young, aspiring, photographer.

Lauren has been wanting to make her dream come true for a while and she has officially made it happen. “I’ve been working on Lauren Plumpe Photography for about a year and a half now. It officially launched this summer,” says Lauren. “I have been wanting to do this since I was about eight or nine, but I didn’t have the resources and photography skills that I do now. I like to take pictures mainly of people but I would love to explore other things.”

Lauren loves taking pictures of moments that will fill joy and warmth in her and other people. “Getting the opportunity to capture little moments in time that convey a certain feeling for others has always been intriguing to me and I’m so glad that I get to do that now. Photography is definitely my main creative outlet and it’s been a goal of mine to start a business out of it.”

Photography takes a lot of motivation and Lauren has found a way to motivate herself. “I think that, in this situation, I’ve been my biggest competitor as well as motivator. I’m a very independent person; I like to compete with myself. I’m always looking for new ways to take my skills and creative intelligence to the next level. Sometimes I’ll see other photographers work that I love which motivates me to improve even more.”

Lauren’s mom, hopes this experience will help Lauren grow. “This will be a good experience in that it is something entirely new that she is doing on her own. It has challenges and successes, and this will let her know the satisfaction of what a can-do attitude means in applying yourself,” said Lisa Plumpe “She has the confidence and drive to do well. We are there to support her.”

Lauren has been focused on advertising Lauren Plumpe Photography. Social media has helped this process a lot. Lauren has an instagram for her photography: @laurenplumpephotography. Lauren has also been looking for models for her business in the Ozark area.