Jonathan McGee: Student from Africa

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Jonathan McGee’s favorite sport is rugby which, he
played while living in Africa.

Jonathan McGee is an eighth grader at Ozark Junior High. He is new to the district and moved here from Nairobi, Kenya Africa. He lived there for 12 years before he moved to the US.

Jonathan’s parents are missionaries who went to spread Christianity because most people in Africa are Muslims and Samalis. His dad’s missionary agency started a church inside the school so his dad was the head pastor. Muslims and Samalis attend the school. Jonathan’s mother was a French teacher there.

Jonathan went to school at a secured American private school. “We had ballistic and bashing proof doors with ten foot concrete walls around the perimeter of the school. There was a gate and an explosive proof room,” said Jonathan. In Africa they have a bigger threat of terrorism and school shootings. He lived behind the school because there are houses and apartments so the staff had safe travel.

One of the harder things in Africa was getting around because in a heavy rain there was 3 to 4 feet of water, ” People sat on the hood of our car when we waited for the light.” said Jonathan.The cars were extremely loud because of how they were made, so his family put a snorkel inside the car to quiet the car, because it was incredibly noisy. Compared to America it isn’t that crowded driving through the city, but traffic can get backed up.

Jonathan’s personal life in Africa was different from his life in America, but in some ways, still very similar. He ate Chapati and stew with potatoes, carrots, ground nut and rice.

Jonathan didn’t participate in any African traditions, but he did celebrate Christmas and Halloween.

“A custom from Africa within the native tribes is that when an elder walks up to you, you bow your head and they will touch your head where you show them respect.” said Jonathan.

People in Africa didn’t have clean water from the tap so they had water filters attached to the walls. If they drank from the tap they would have gotten sick.

From water to food, America services in restaurants are better than Africa. He was served a burger with plastic in it and they didn’t care, but gave him a free one.

The type of money Africans use is called shillings. One hundred shillings is a dollar, two hundred shillings is two dollars. 10,000 shillings is ten dollars. Ten dollars is the highest amount in bills.

When Jonathan compares both countries, Jonathan prefers America, but he still loves Africa since it is where he started his life.