Ozark Should Switch to Year-Round School Schedule

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Two schools in Kansas City, Missouri have switched to a year round schooling schedule and their academics scores are rising.

Many students hear the idea of year-round school and immediately dismiss the idea. Today, there are over two million students in the United States who attend a year-round school in over 30,000 schools. Ozark should be among those schools. A year-round school schedule is extremely beneficial for students education.

Many studies have come out showing how academics in year-round schools are better than schools with traditional schedules.

According to Scholastic, “A Duke University study even suggested kids attending year-round schools are at a slight advantage, because they don’t forget what they learned during the long summer break.” Over Ozarks three month summer break, students don’t think about school, so when they come back in August, they’ve forgotten what they learned the year before.

Dr. Chris Bauman, the superintendent for Ozark Schools, says that the School Board has talked about a year-round schedule, but so far there has been no real intention to pursue the topic.

“The reason to consider year-round school is students do regress over the summer. Meaning there is a loss of learning from May to August,” Dr. Bauman says. “By going to year-round school or trimesters research show students do not experience this regression as those with more traditional calendars,” he continued.

A year-round schedule can also help with overcrowding in schools which Ozark has struggled with due to the increasing number of students in each grade.

“The year-round schedule, when employed on a 9/3 track, makes it possible to reduce school population sizes by 33% automatically,” according to the teacher blog Vittana. “That allows the buildings to be in constant use while keeping classroom sizes low, which increases student learning opportunities.”

While lots of people think that year-round schooling is extra school days and no summer break, it actually has the same amount of days as a traditional calendar, and students still have a break for summer. In fact, students will get more breaks on a year-round schedule than a traditional one. Summer break would be shorter than Ozarks normal three month break, but would still be around a month to two months long. Along with that, students also would get extended holiday breaks, such as Christmas being closer to a month off rather than two weeks.

While year-round schooling seems like the most beneficial way for students education to keep increasing, it is unlikely that it will happen at Ozark, at least not any time in the near future.