OJH Needs to Offer Career Courses

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Students can take many classes such as journalism, foods, and foreign language.

Many students in junior high think that already have their future planned out, but how do they really know without experiencing it in some way? Schools need to offer career courses as soon as possible. It can help kids prepare for college, find out what they want to do for a career or if they even want a career, and help them stay on topic in school. OJH needs to offer career courses.

Most junior high schools in the U.S. don’t offer special courses to prepare for careers. Some students think that OJH should offer these courses. “These can help you be more prepared for high school, college, and even later on in life,” said 8th grader Elijah Beckley. These classes also have helped kids in the past to focus and stay alert.

Research shows that 60 to 70 percent of students become disengaged in the lessons in 7th and 8th grade. It is important to have early career learning options. Some students at OJH agree with this and experience this disengagement. “These classes could help keep us on topic if we are going out of our way to learn,” said 8th grader Jaclyn Lamb. “Once I get to college it will be easier to focus.” Focus can help students make many decisions for the future.

Certainly there are more important classes than career paths, but deciding what to do in the future is a big deal. It could change the rest of your life. “I think the most important thing that students can do at the junior high age is explore options,” said 8th grade social studies teacher, Mr. Lee. “By narrowing down what you want to do before you start, you can save yourself lots of time and money.” It is important the junior high schools do everything they can to help kids figure out their future.

OJH and other schools should offer special courses for certain careers. If we want better for our future then why aren’t we doing the best that we can. Ozark is supposed to have a great educational program but we can always improve and do more. It can help students be the best that they can be later on in life. Many students either don’t follow through with their dream job or they feel that they won’t be able to pursue it. By having these courses OJH could help them achieve their goals and better the world’s future.