Naviance Should Be Less Than Once a Week

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Students at OJH use Naviance every Wednesday in advisory, but many students don’t think it helps them.

Every Wednesday, students all around the school share the same grumpy response walking into advisory. It’s all because of one word. Naviance. What’s the use of doing it every week when it only comes in handy for a short time once a year?

Naviance is a “college and career readiness software provider” that is supposed to help students by providing college planning and career assessment tools. For a few years now, Ozark has used Naviance to try to help students plan their future classes and careers. Throughout the year, students have to take personality tests to determine career clusters, as well as find their social personalities (eg. Extroverts/ Introverts).

But this takes up lots of advisory time, which students could use studying, practicing music for choir or band, or participating in club meetings. In fact, with so many things going on during advisory, there’s no reason to do it every single week.

Some may argue that Naviance is very helpful because it helps students choose what career to go into, what classes to take, or what colleges would be good for them. All that is true, Naviance is a tool that can be helpful to students when used correctly.

“It’s useful to see what I might do in the future with my career, but it’s hard to use and navigate through,” said Ethan Whatley, a freshman at OJH.

Some students think that Naviance is a good tool but that it could be improved, while many teachers think Naviance is a great thing for students. It was made to make things easier, and from a teacher perspective, it’s succeeding.

“At first I thought ‘Oh no, something else to do,’ but then I had my freshman advisory grow to be sophomores and juniors, and I could see the benefits of them searching different colleges and using the ACT improvement questions,” said Mrs. Hogan, an OJH teacher. “I saw a real benefit and I wish my two daughters had been able to have it.”

However, most of those tools and test results are things that students rarely look at. If a student wants to go into a certain career, they most likely didn’t choose that career path from a test they took a few times throughout high school. When it comes to planning classes, that only happens once a year. Why spend time every week of the school year on Naviance when the only time we actually need it is for one month out of the entire year to plan course schedules.

In a poll taken by 50 students at OJH, both eighth and ninth graders alike, 80% thought that Naviance was not useful for them at the time. Over 90% of those students said they wished the school would use Naviance less than what they do now.

Instead, it would make more sense to choose a once-a-month or even a bi-weekly time to do Naviance. If it was planned accurately, students could make the most of that time to take the tests and make goals on the site instead of being stuck with an agenda in advisory for 25% of the time students have it.

With this schedule, students would spend their time on Naviance more usefully than they do now. When it comes time to course scheduling by the end of the year, Ozark students will still be prepared enough to know what they want to do and will be able to use the site with ease. They will also be able to use advisory to study, practice, or participate in more clubs with the extended time we would gain from a bi-weekly Naviance plan.