OJH needs a Sign Language Course

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At Ozark there are two foreign language classes; Spanish, and French. OJH should considered adding sign language as one of the classes because 10% of people speak Sign Language. Only 5.85% of people speak Spanish so they should pick languages straight from the data.

Everyone in the world has a language that they speak fluently. Some people even know more than one. Chinese, Spanish, and English are the top three spoken languages. However, 28 million people are classified as deaf and use a language called Sign Language. Therefore OJH should introduce sign language class in the near future.

We are always looking for ways to introduce new classes to our students. The reality is we can’t offer every class though with the resources we have. One possibility of introducing sign language to the JH is through the formation of a club. Students that were interested could try to find a teacher to sponsor the club. The club could then meet and the students learn sign language,” said OJH principal Mr. Hubbard.

If Ozark can find students interested in sign language at the lower levels, sign language might become a course in the future. In order to happen they would have to try to hire someone trained in the profession. Ozark schools would also have to try to find the funding to add another course.

Some people might say that speaking Sign Language isn’t spoken as much compared to Spanish. That is not true though. 10% of people worldwide speak sign language. There’s only 5.85% people speak Spanish. So there are more people that speak Sign language than Spanish so that makes it important for us students to learn.

Some students think that this class would be fun. “It would prepare us for the future” said ninth grader Hannah Metcalf. But some students think that it wouldn’t be a beneficial class. “I think that it wouldn’t interest me and I wouldn’t uses it because I don’t know anyone that is deaf that I would use sign language to talk to” said Aiyana Barrett. So either way students at OJH would like to have a sign language just because it would be an overall fun class.