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Cheerleading is a Sport

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Some people say cheerleading isn’t a sport and it’s not even dangerous. Cheerleading was voted as the number one contact sport and the most dangerous by the Journal of Pediatrics during October, therefore society should consider cheerleading just as much as a sport as football.

In fact, cheerleading was formed by a group of guys, so the first cheerleader was a male. The official origination  of cheerleading was set on the 2nd of November, 1898. Male cheerleader Evan Schurke, “One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say cheerleading isn’t a sport. Of course cheerleading is a sport, it is a school sport, and so many activities revolve around it.”

Cheer is one of the most dangerous sports with some of the highest risks, so cheerleaders need to be careful. They have tumbling which can impact their knees. They also can injure their backs while holding somebody above their head and falling seven to nine feet from the air with no catch.  Cheerleaders have a high risk of concussions and their long-term conditions which can lead to a shorter life.

Cheerleading involves danger in stunts and maneuvers they perform.  ¨The physical part of it can be difficult as well because stunting takes a lot of strength in practice. We are are always throwing each other into the air and trying new things,” explained Coach Taylor Schellingberger.  

Cheerleading meets all of the specifications of being an athlete. “Cheer is a sport because we compete against other squads, we are a team, and there is a lot of physical activity involved. It takes a lot of strength and determination to be a cheerleader,” commented Coach Schellingberger. “It can be very difficult because it takes a lot of focus and concentration. You have to pay attention to the game, be able to read the crowd, and remember what routines are coming up.”

Cheerleading is a sport where groups form into families and are working together  during chants, cheers, tumbling, stunting, and dancing. It was formed to encourage other sports teams, to get involved with the audience, or compete at a competition. Cheerleading has physical activity, competition, and stunts. How does that not qualify as a sport?

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Cheerleading is a Sport