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eValuate is Taking too Much Time

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Students take eValuate every month during English and math.

Many students in the Ozark School District always dread the day each month they have to take eValuate. Students grades 3-12 have to take eValuate in ELA and math. eValuate is a “benchmark” test. A benchmark is data given monthly to show improvement. This monthly test takes time out the school year to let teachers see how students are progressing. Students spend an average of six hours and fifty minutes every school year, which is about five class periods. Taking almost seven hours out of a class to take a standardized test is a waste of time when students could be learning.

Some teachers agree it takes a lot of time and wish it wouldn’t take as much time out of their classes, but believe it has many benefits.

Amanda Disseler an eighth English teacher states, “I wish there was a way to take less class time, but we have seen benefits from eValuate.  Our English MAP scores have gone up each year that we’ve used eValuate, so the practice has been beneficial,”said Disseler.

“Test fatigue is something that occurs when students don’t have the stamina to read all of the passages and answer all of the questions in one sitting so they lazily just click through answers,” Disseler continued. “eValuate helps battle that so that by the time students are taking MAP, they are used to a long period of time testing on a computer.  The data from eValuate also helps me plan my lessons and the concepts that I need to reteach.”

Administrators at the District Office say the test benefits both students and teachers. Executive Director of Secondary Learning, Melia Franklin at Ozark District Office said, “The benefit of eValuate for the students is that they can set goals for themselves and they get to see how their own learning progresses.  Another advantage is that students get an opportunity to practice for our state assessment (the MAP test),” Dr. Franklin said.

“The benefit for teachers is that they can easily track a student’s progress toward our state Learning Standards and can adjust instruction as needed when they see students need extra help with a particular learning goal as the year goes on,” continued Dr. Franklin.

“The benefit to the whole district comes in multiple forms.  The eValuate test helps principals see where teachers might need more resources or support.  It allows District Office administrators to see how large groups or entire grades of students are learning,” Franklin stated.

Most students take about 45 minutes to try and progress every month. Teachers lose five to seven class periods, time would be better spent preparing for the MAP test with the practice test Missouri provides.

The Ozark School District and teachers do benefit from eValuate by understanding how the students are learning and how much they progress each month. Students could have learned so many things in the five hours and fifty minutes that students spend while taking eValuate. The benefits of the test don’t seem to outweigh almost six hours of curriculum for students. It should be replaced with MAP practice test.

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eValuate is Taking too Much Time