Presidential Candidates Being Announced

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After the exciting Presidential race of 2016, voters are looking to see who will announce their run next.

As the end of Donald Trump’s 2017-2021 term comes closer, candidates running for President of the United States are starting to come forward. While the actual vote will be in November 2020, candidates announce they will be running almost two years in advance so that they can raise more money and be prepared for debates.

So far there are about nine confirmed Democratic candidates up for the race, but there have been no Republicans that have formally announced or confirmed that they will be running. Current President Donald Trump has filed to run again, and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld has created an exploratory committee.

Along with these, there are plenty of “maybes”, people who have not announced anything but are either expected to run or are being urged to run. This list includes former Vice President Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke, Ex Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz, and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Similar to the last race, there are many names in the mix that are not very recognizable. Among these are Pete Buttigieg, Marianne Williamson, Andrew Yang, and John Delaney.

“I think I’m the right person for the job, but not enough people knew who I was or still know who I am,” says Delaney, a former congressman and businessman.

This presidential race will be a very important one, especially since it comes after the election of Donald Trump. With controversy constantly surrounding the current administration, people are eager to see how this race will go.

One of these people is Carson Kern, a freshman at OJH who is interested in the race right now and is looking out for a candidate he likes.

“Someone I can relate to and know who they are and what they’re all about,” says Kern. “Honestly, I kind of want someone like Kanye to run so we can possibly get more diversity in the cabinet and create more social change. He’s not just some politician.”

Because of the fact that almost all of the candidates are Democratic, there is talk about which Republicans will step up into the spotlight and announce their campaigns. Both Democrats and Republicans are waiting to see who will make the next announcement.

While it is definitely not always the case, it’s not uncommon for the party of the current President to have less candidates since most do not want a split in their parties. In the 2016 election, over 15 Republicans ran for President, while less than ten Democrats were in the running. More candidates for the 2020 election are coming forward every week, so it’s hard to tell how the Republican side of the race will go until the debates start in June 2019.