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Bird Box is Too Overrated

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A new Netflix Original directed by Susanne Bier, Bird Box, was released at the end of 2018. It has taken Netflix by storm and has even broken the record for most views within the first week of its release date.

Bird Box is a movie that bounces between the past and present throughout the movie. It goes back five years to a pregnant Malorie Hayes’ life (Sandra Bullock), when a strange phenomenon sweeps across the world and the only certain known thing is if anyone who sees it, dies. In present time, Malorie and her two kids (Julian Edwards and Vivian Lyra Blair) sail down a river, blindfolded, to get to the only known safe community.

Many critics have praised this psychological horror and thriller film for its intensity and mysterious air. On the other hand, others have found Bird Box is highly overrated and far too glorified by the media.

The movie was compelling, and claimed the attention of the audience throughout most of the film. However, it was unfulfilling and left a lot of things unexplained. What exactly was the phenomenon? Was it a type of creature? Why were some people able to withstand the strange occurrence? One scene revealed a gang who could see without being affected by the phenomenon, and it never expanded or explained why they were able to see without being killed. Although some may argue that the mystery element brought flavor to the story, many disagree. It was a bit too vexing and left a lot of loose threads.

There was also the fact that the ending was unsatisfying. It was too bland, and void of any real emotion. It seemed more of the cliche “fairytale ending” than any captivating, unique conclusion. Bird Box was simply far too disappointing to be praised.

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Bird Box is Too Overrated