OJH’s Newest Trend: Airpods

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This Christmas a majority of students around the school were gifted one common thing: Apple AirPods. Recently, students have been parading the school, using AirPods right under their teachers’ noses and breaking school rules.

On December 13, 2016, Apple released a new product called “AirPods.” AirPods are a kind of BlueTooth earbud which are small and cordless. At a quick glance, AirPods are extremely hard to notice, and things like hats or hair can be hung over the ears to hide them even better. The students often notice them far easier than the teachers because of how familiar most students are with the devices.

“Sometimes I like to play a game where I try to see how many kids I see wearing AirPods in the hall from one class to another. My record is 12 people,” said David Paulson, an 8th grader who finds the trend rather amusing. Aside from all jokes, this trend breaks school rules.

In the Student Handbook, it states that the following is prohibited: “Using, displaying or turning on any personal electronic device during the regular school day, unless the use is part of the instructional program, required by a District-sponsored class or activity.”

The ungranted use of AirPods easily conflicts with this list, not to mention the fact that phones also need to be used in the process of choosing music. “I’ve seen AirPods get taken away from kids in the hallways probably two or three times since Christmas,” said a ninth grader who owns AirPods, but doesn’t use them during class.

As all trends do, AirPods are spreading throughout OJH and it seems that they aren’t stopping any time soon. The odds are that those who continue to use them will eventually get caught, and it is likely the consequences will be unpleasant. After all, nobody wants to lose $160 earbuds.