Science Olympiad is Going to State

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On Saturday February 23, Ozark Junior High’s Science Olympiad Team had a Regionals competition against 23 other schools to decide whether or not they move on to State. Sure enough, they secured their spot!

State will be held on April 27th, in Columbia, Mo. “I’ve enjoyed Science Olympiad the two years that I’ve done it,” Jacob Smith, an eighth grader, says with passion, “ I enjoy the tournaments, as they tend to be really fun, and it’s overall a good experience. I also get to spend a large amount of time with other kids from the team which adds to it.”

Science Olympiad contains 15 members and is lead by eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Woods.  The team has three roles. The Team Captain, Member, and the Leader. The Team Captain is Garret Coggin, who is currently a sophomore for Mrs.Woods. Members are all the other students on the team that participate in tournaments, competitions, ect.

If Ozark’s Science Olympiad team ends up winning state, the school’s reputation will go up and the students on the team will get ribbons for 4th and 5th place and medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The team in 1st place will also get a trophy to show off at their school. At the State competition, there is a Nationals Representative that may or may not end up recommending the team to go to Nationals even if you don’t win. So, even if Ozark’s team doesn’t win State, they still have a chance of going to Nationals.