Are Crocs Back in Style?

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Hall stares at Humble, as she shows off her Crocs. Humble is a supporter of Crocs, while Hall is not.

Through the halls of OJH students can see many crocs around, and not the ones that swim through the swamps. Many students own the shoe brand Crocs. Students either seem to be obsessed or really do not like them at all.

“I cannot believe some kids in school wear Crocs. I think they are very ugly and they just look like boxes on their feet,” said ninth grader Kaitlin Ewald.

Ewald may think they are ugly, but ninth grader Kenna Humble, disagree.

“Crocs are my favorite type of shoe. If I could, I would wear them everyday. I want them in every color so that they match everything,” said Humble.

Most Crocs seen around are the classic clogs. Crocs are oddly shaped, so they may be hard to pair with certain outfits.

“I think Crocs look good with most outfits. I mean you cannot go out wearing Crocs with a dress or a skirt, but most other things look really good with them,” said ninth grader Cassidy McNew.

While some students think they look good with many outfits, like Mcnew, someone else may not think the same way.

“If you are wearing anything but a swimsuit at a river with Crocs, it will not look good. Crocs are river shoes and need to stay at the river,” said ninth grader Abby Williams.

Not only does Williams think Crocs are river shoes, she also thinks they have many other downsides. “Crocs are shaped weird and make you have duck feet. If you wear them in the sun you’ll get weird tan lines, and they make your feet sweaty.”

Humble still disagrees. “I think everyone should have Crocs. They are comfortable, easy to slip on, and just all around a good shoe.”

Not only do students enjoy Crocs, so do teachers. Ninth grade career op teacher, Greg Hannah also thinks Crocs have many benefits to them.

“Crocs are comfortable, durable, and waterproof. I have four pairs and wish I could wear them to school,” said Coach Hannah.