A Very Busy Day in the Life of Macy Morgan

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a teenager who doesn’t do just one sport but two? Trying to juggle school and sports can be a major struggle for kids and their parents. “Mom! We need to go.” This is a very popular statement for busy kids, especially 8th grader, Macy Morgan. Macy’s average day includes school, gymnastics, track, homework, and the usual tasks of a teenager.

Macy starts her day by waking up and getting ready for school. “Right when I wake up I check my phone to see if anyone texted me,” said Macy Morgan. “Then I get dressed, straighten my hair, brush my teeth, and eat my favorite breakfast, French toast.” Macy then heads to school.

Once Macy arrives at school it is non-stop learning. “First I go to P.E. and then have my advisory class,” said Macy Morgan. “Then I go to computer applications, next lunch, science, and finish up with ELA.” Macy’s least favorite part of the day is school, but once that’s over she gets to have some fun.

“After school I go to track from three to five and go straight to gymnastics from five to seven-thirty,” said Macy Morgan. “After a full day of school and sports I am tired and ready to go home.” Macy is a level eight gymnast and is working towards her goal of pursuing college gymnastics.

Once Macy arrives home, the day isn’t quite done. “I usually eat a late dinner after I get home from gymnastics,” said Macy Morgan. “After I eat, I take a shower and watch Netflix until I am tired. Finally I finish with my favorite part of the day, going to sleep.”

Macy is always working towards her goals as a gymnast and trying her best in school. Although Macy is very busy and has little free time, she’s very grateful for her friends and opportunities that she has.