Solo & Ensemble Runs Smoothly and Sets Up Choir Success

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Eighth and ninth grade choir directors Alicia Campbell and John Wilkins at the SCMMEA competition. Mrs. Campbell is the main director for all Junior High choirs, while Mr. Wilkins teaches Grace Notes and Boys.

All junior high choir classes are preparing for Solo & Ensemble this Saturday, March 23. This included 8th and 9th grade girls, boys, and Grace Notes who signed up for the event. But what is Solo & Ensemble?

Solo & Ensemble is a judged event between students who perform solos and small groups of about 4-8 students performing an ensemble. The scoring is 1-3, one is considered an A, two is a B, and three is a C. It is a completely optional sign-up, but many choir students do choose to participate, singing varying pieces, like “The Poet Sings” or “Shady Grove.” This year it was held in the OJH band room on a Saturday morning.

The judge was Morgan DeClue from Bolivar High School, a good friend of choir director, Alicia Campbell. Mrs. Campbell and choir director, John Wilkins, helped prepare the treble and bass ensembles and solos with final run throughs and pre-recorded tracks.

“My favorite part of the day was just watching the kids do a good job and them knowing that they did well,” said Mrs. Campbell. “I think everyone did really, really well. Only two or three groups got B’s.”

With only about two weeks of practice, Solo & Ensemble went very smooth according to the directors. With an event that had little complications setting up the rest of choir events, hopes are high for the rest of the year to run smoothly.