Eighth Graders Expectations on going into High School

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High school can be daunting to some but exciting to others. This is true even though the freshman are in the junior high for their first year instead of the high school. The high school classes will be just as difficult and for some intimidating.

Abby Beets started thinking about her future with academics, sports, and activities. ¨I’m not able to pinpoint exactly how high school will go,” states Abby. “I’m expecting my classes to go well, but things can vary from different teachers and students that are in the class, whether they are distracting or ready to learn. I’m not taking honors. I don’t want an overload of pressure and the stress that comes along.”

As for sports with Abby, she cleared 9.6 foot on March 21, 2019 at the track duel in Branson and 9.7 feet on March 28 at the Ozark duel while pole vaulting. She feels her pole vault career can only go up in high school. “During high school I set a goal to clear 12 foot although I have a mental goal to try and do just as well as my sister,” commented Abby.

Abby Beets feels that high school will be fun and simple, but Lincoln Callaway feels he will have some troubles and face some challenges. “I feel like my biggest challenge in high school is gonna be getting good grades. I need to pay attention in classes and not get distracted as it is easy to get off track,” states Lincoln.

Classes are usually more difficult in high school than in junior high, and Lincoln is concerned about classes he may miss. “I will be getting pulled out of classes for basketball, which can put me behind. It will be hard because I will be missing the teachers explanation,” commented Lincoln.

With so many unknown challenges students face in high school, some students have concerns. Hannah Weter is nervous because of the size of school.

“One simple challenge that I am going to face in high school is going to be able to get around to my classes and not being late,” states Hannah.

Mady Smythe knows she will be meeting and making new friends. “I think my biggest challenge will be making friends, I never end up having friends in my classes, but with that I have made some of my best friends,” Mady Smythe says.

Hannah and Mady have problems that can be solved quickly, but Jackson Speed knows he will have to be on top of his game during these next few years. “When I get older I will have to buy my own car, that is going to be a huge challenge for me because I will have to make the money and balance school with my job,” added Jackson.

Unlike students that feel like they are going to have challenges, Michael Keller is confident. “I am not nervous for high school. I’m ready to get this show on the road,” says Michael.

Obstacles can come when entering high school, but it can also be the best time of a student’s life.