Legally Blonde: Comedic Entertainment

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Legally Blonde is directed by Robert Luketic. This movie based stereotypical thoughts people have on blondes. Although in this movie the actresses over exaggerate, this movie could also have been stated with more appropriate language. This movie was released in 2001. Legally Blonde is available on Amazon and Netflix, as well as on DVD´s in your local store.

Legally Blonde´s stars Reese Witherspoon playing the part of Elle Woods. Elle is interested in cosmetology, she is at UCLA as a fashion major. She is expecting a proposal from her boyfriend Warner, (Matthew Davis). He is going to Harvard for law school. Warner states he would like to break up and have a ¨serious¨ girlfriend that shows and looks the part of a lawyer.  She is broken hearted as she decides to transfers to Harvard to win her boyfriend back.

Legally Blonde demonstrates that anyone can have amazing accomplishments by working hard and trying to get what they need.

This movie deserves a four out of five star rating, just for the inappropriate language.  Legally Blonde was produced around 18 years ago. The script written for Reese Witherspoon shows that no matter what people think of someone, they are capable of proving them wrong and showing their real selves. Elle Woods was able to be a fashion influencer for her friends, she redirects herself to law school to show she was able to be serious. Legally Blonde shows stereotypes don’t describe who a someone is.