Five Feet Apart Will Bring You To Tears

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Released in 2019, Five Feet Apart is one of the most emotional movies out there. Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) is affected with a disease called cystic fibrosis, which forces her to always stay in the hospital. Will (Cole Sprouse) also has CF, which forces Stella and Will to stay six feet apart, or else they could infect each other. Five Feet Apart  is one of the best 2019 movies so far.

Stella’s best friend, Poe (Moisés Arias) also has CF. The two best friends FaceTime each other and meet in person, staying six feet apart at all times. Poe begins to notice a sparkle with Will and Stella and tries to help Will have a date with Stella.

Although this movie is known for bringing audience members to tears, there are many happy moments that tie the movie together. Director Justin Baldoni does an amazing job capturing the chemistry between the young teens. This movie is a little fast moving, but does a good job at keep the viewer entertained. . Baldoni does a great job with the hospital set, making this story look extremely realistic.

One scene that is important to the movie is when Will and Stella have their first date. Since they can’t touch each other, Stella gets a pool stick to carry around to represent the space that should be between them. They always are carrying it throughout the hospital, and when they jump into the hospital pool.

5 Feet Apart is definitely worth the tears. The reason why this movie is rated PG-13 for it’s thematic elements, language and suggestive material. Of course, anyone 13 or older would be fine watching this movie.

Overall, Five Feet Apart is definitely five out of five stars. Viewers will definitely need many tissues to get through this movie, but  there will be no regrets. Five Feet apart will change the way some people look at life. Since we have such little time on this earth, enjoy it.