Friendly Face In the 8th Grade Art Room

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Mrs. Swearngin loves to paint and draw in her free time.

Laura Swearngin has been working for the Ozark School District for 10 years, and is retiring after this school year. She first started at the Ozark Middle School as a para. She then moved on to teaching art at South Elementary in 2010. Now, she teaches art classes at the Ozark Junior High and Ozark High School.

Before she moved to Ozark, she taught K-12 in Kansas. “There are some interesting things that are different and similar about all the different grades,” said Mrs. Swearngin. “In all of my 25 years of teaching, I have taught kindergarten through 12th grade. The younger kids can’t do as much with their talent since they are just learning how to develop skills, but they can be super creative. The older kids are not as excited as the little kids, but it’s really fun to watch their talent really develop.” Mrs. Swearngin said that now she teaches 8-12 and there is a lot of talent in every person.

Since Mrs. Swearngin has spent half her life teaching, it has impacted her in many ways. “I have absolutely loved my teaching career. I’ve loved working with kids, and I think they bring a light and joy to our world.” Mrs. Swearngin also says she is torn about leaving Ozark, but excited to travel more with her husband.

“In my free time time I love to read, be creative with decorating, and I love cooking,” said Mrs. Swearngin,  “I also love to take walks and spend time with my family. My favorite place I have been out of the country is Hondura for a mission trip. We went for and week, and it was a great experience.”

Mrs. Swearingin’s son, Landon lives in Washington DC on a full ride scholarship to obtain his masters. He is moving back to Kansas City to be a Cyber Threat Analyst, and she is very excited to have him closer. After she retires, she will be able to spend more time with family.

Mrs. Swearngin says she has so many great memories of all her years of teaching. Her coworkers and students have made her smile and laugh through all the years. She has taught thousands of students and will miss them the most.