The Reason Why School Drills Are So Important

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School safety drills have been around for many years. Over the course of time, the procedures of drills are getting more and more improved. There are many techniques to handle shootings, fires, tornadoes, and earthquake, which is why students practice drills.

Fire drills began after one of the largest fires occurred in  1958, in Chicago, Illions. The school, Our Lady of The Angles, suffered 95 deaths that day 92 students, and three nuns. After that dark day, fire drills were taken very seriously. Now, we have a fire alarm in every classroom. The state requires  at least one fire drill each school year.

Another  drill is the active shooter. There have been many school shootings across the US in the past few years. In Florida on  February 14, 2018 at 2:21 pm, the fourth largest US school shooting occurred, 17 dead and 17 badly injured. Ozark schools starting practicing run, hide, and fight. \. The school district decided this method could save the lives of many students.

“I think drills are extremely important,” said 8th grade student Siera Barnwell, “they let us prepare for the worst. If we didn’t do drills and there was a Code Red, there would be chaos. The Ozark School District helps us prepare for those very rare situations.”

 OJH principle Jim Hubbard says the school tries to do drills once every quarter, “Any event that we have, we would go back to what we are trained to do,” said Mr. Hubbard. “It’s the same reason why football has practices, because you make that muscle memory and we want you to think in  case of a fire what we have trained to do.”

Every drill is extremely important. Many students may think drills aren’t that serious, but some of the information that teachers explain about life or death situations, may be able to save students lives. Always be prepared for any situation even if it’s not at school. Drills are just practice, but they do make students think what they will do in those unlikely scenarios.