Driven by Love and Restoring Hope One Life at a Time

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Mellonie Labrier (furthest to the right) and her family that works with her on the ranch.

Need a better look at hope and love? Well, Mellonie Labrier and her family own a ranch named Dogwood Ranch. Like most ranches, they ride and take care of their animals. But they don’t just do what normal ranches do, they also do equine therapy, fundraisers, help others who are mentally disabled, and help others with an activity they call, The Haven.

“We help kids that are homeless because they made some bad decisions and we help them get back on their feet. It’s a twelve month program and if you aren’t better by then, you get kicked out,” Mellonie said sternly, “ We mostly focus on older foster youth that got fostered out and ended up on the streets and help them get things together. But we are also building something on the ranch we call, “Community of Foster Homes” and in that we will build a lot of cabins on the ranch and families and fosters will be able to live out on the ranch and foster older youth.”

The family has a lot of fundraisers, but their main fundraiser is named “Boots and Roots.” Which will be held on May 4th. “In that, we raise money for all the programs that we are doing. And we have “Little Heroes Day” which is for families that have been in the military.” The ranch also has a day for volunteers that come out and help work the next day they will have a thank you party for the volunteers that helped.

The ranch is on the border of Rogersville and Ozark at 2689 Parchcorn Rd. You may contact them for more information on fundraisers, therapy, interest in volunteering and helping, and events at (417) 393-3493.