Serve, lead, inspire

Isabel Rohlfing, Managing Editor

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Student Council, a student-led club, is made up of 22 students that meet Thursdays at 7:15 am, in room 209. This club is in charge of putting on some of the bigger school events at Ozark Junior High. With officer elections now over, Student Council is off to a great start.

Isabel Rohlfing and Josie Lasley are currently serving as President and Vice-President; Katie Marshall as Treasurer; and Abby Hammons as Secretary. Josie Lasley, eighth grader, mentioned that this was her second year being a part of Student Council.

Lasley says, ”My favorite part of STUCO is doing stuff for my school.” A few things, that Student Council sponsors are dances, fundraisers and assemblies. “Out of those three,” Lasley said, ”my favorite is putting on the dances because everyone gets to see the hard work you put in, and sometimes during assemblies or fundraisers, people don’t notice it as much.”

Some upcoming events include the fall dance, goody grams, spirit weeks, competitions, fundraisers (tournaments), and the eighth grade dance in May. Lasley said,”Some of the planned events may be cancelled and some new events may be added. We will just have to see as the school year goes on.”

Ozark Junior High librarian and STUCO sponsor, Ms. Smith, has been sponsoring STUCO for three years now at Ozark Junior High and five years while teaching in another district. “I love watching students take pride in their school and do activities that bring all types of students together. It is neat to see ideas come to fruition and become impactful activities.”

So far STUCO is off to a great start, winning the Can the Eagles competition against neighboring rival Nixa.