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On Saturday, November 12, the Ozark Junior High band marched along to an arrangement of  Jingle Bells for almost a mile in the Ozark Christmas parade. Students have been preparing in class for this event since the end of September.

“This is my 15th year being a part of it,” says Mrs. Faught, one of the band directors at the junior high and high school. “We chose Jingle Bells and our very own Mr. Chapman arranged it for us.”

There are about 119 band members total in the Ozark Junior High band.

“The actual parade is fun with everyone’s instrument decorated and people along the route cheering for us as we march by,” explains Faught.

Kylie Graham is a flute player in the Ozark Junior High band and plans to do it through high school. “The parade was a great opportunity to get closer to my friends, and even though it was cold outside when we marched, I don’t regret going at all! It was a great experience,” says Graham.

Each student had their own technique for memorizing their music. “I memorized my music in chunks instead of trying to memorize all of it at once. It was much easier and more effective,” exclaims Graham.

“I think the band did great! I was at the front of the band, so I didn’t get to hear every instrument. But I still think we did a nice job,” Graham says with enthusiasm. “Band has been a wonderful experience to meet new people and rekindle relationships with others, and while I do hope to meet more people in high school, I want to get better at the flute, too!”

This is one of the many floats that was in the Ozark Christmas parade. The photo was taken by CC Headliner. The Ozark High School band led the parade and the Ozark Junior High was towards the middle. “Even though the song was short, it was fun to play,” says Graham happily.


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