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Breaking egg-citing news

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Taking care of a baby can be very hard. Especially if you have to take care of an egg and pretend it’s a baby. On November 16, the students in Family and Consumer Science (FACS) classes were assigned each an egg, that was boiled.

The objective of this project was to have the students be able to express in writing their feelings, and the conditions of being a parent on a daily basis. Often times the students would express both positive and negative experiences verbally at the end of the project.

The students received a boiled egg and foam cup with some pillow stuffing to put in the cup that way it would protect the egg. Every day the students had to come into Mrs. Low’s classroom and show her their egg. Then Low would look at the condition of the egg and check for cracks which would cause a 5 point reduction in points. If a student forgot the egg they would also lose 5 points. After checking the egg, students would put their egg in “Egg Daycare” which was in the FACS room fridge.

Students started to notice that their egg would get tipped over in the fridge so they decided to put their cups in something much harder, like a plastic container.

Low also graded on the condition of the paper, so if a student came in with a paper that was folded, crumpled, or ripped they would also lose 15 points. The entire project was 100 points.

Eighth grade student, Sophie Bauman, said, “I really liked this project because it taught me to be responsible like a student and parent.”

Eighth grader Shelbee Schrock added, “Personally, I did not like this project at all because I did not learn anything from it. It stressed me out way too much and I didn’t like that.”

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Breaking egg-citing news