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Students ease back into school routines after a holiday break

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The days after the holidays can be very tough for everyone. Especially kids, since they have to return back to school after two weeks of sitting around all day and watching T.V.

But everyone agrees on one thing, ‘it was fun while it lasted,’ because spending time with family and friends can be very exciting. But towards the end we all start to get bored of one another and start to get ready to go back to school or work.

Many students enjoy coming back and seeing their friends they did not get to visit over break, or it may be they are happy to be back to see their teachers and are ready to get back to learning. Eighth grade student, Chloi Garrison, says, “I loved enjoying time with my family. Especially since I do not get to see them very often.”

After finally coming back to school and settling in, that’s when it all kicks in for students. They start to get homework again, grades start to go in the gradebook, due dates appear. All of these are what a student fears the most when coming back to school.

Eighth grade student Sasha Samsinak commented, “I don’t like coming back to school after a long break because then I have to worry about homework, and due dates again and then I start to get very stressed out.”

At last students finally start to get back on track again with school and then the pressure lets up as they ease back into the routine of the school day.

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