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Trump inauguration held Friday

Trump inaugurated after long race for presidency

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The new president of the United States was inaugurated on Friday, January 20.

The amount of people that attended the inauguration was far less than Barack Obama in 2009. It also generated 80,000 fewer Metro rides by 11:00am than the Women’s March on Washington the following day according to Metro. CNN has reported that WMATA’s full-day ride total for the inauguration was 570,557, compared to 782,000 rides during the second Obama ceremony. The total for the Women’s March was 1,001,616.

This is Samantha Maggard’s first time watching an inauguration. There were parts of it that she liked and parts she didn’t.

“I liked that Donald Trump talked about the forgotten people and unity,” she says, “however, I did not like how he said he will never let America down because that is a promise he may not be able to keep.”

In Trump’s speech, he talked a lot about his policies which is generally not popular. He spoke about many of the problems that America has, but not as much about bringing the people together after this long election.

“I liked that he reiterated to the people the plans that he had set forth in his campaign. I also like that he seemed on point with his thoughts for America,” says Mrs. Webb.

Donald Trump being sworn into office. This was a long hard fought campaign and now we have a new republican president, and a majority republican House and Senate. “I think we have already seem push back from those that don’t receive Trump well in the form of protesting and even some rioting,” says Webb.

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Trump inauguration held Friday