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Then and now

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As a kid most people read, watched TV, and did things in their free-time that have slowly changed over the years. This includes the shows you once watched as a kid.

 As kids get older they don’t have as much time to sit around watching kid shows instead their time is filled with school, homework and activities. But, during any free time they do have, what do they watch on TV?

Morgan LaBarge loved to watch Full House growing up as a kid. “I watched Full House because it was so funny and they were all so nice to each other and because of Michelle,” says LaBarge.

LaBarge now watches the Bachelor and Bachelorette reality TV shows because of the girls drama and the humor. LaBarge also read the Wizard of Oz as a kid, and the Magic Treehouse series. “I now read a lot of action books just because I like the suspense,” explains LaBarge.

“As a kid growing up even though Full House was my favorite show I still liked to watch, Sofia the First and I have now started watching reruns of, Friends and Last Man Standing, which I love.”

Mckenna Rhodes also grew up watching Full House because of the love and support that they have for each other. Full House really taught me life lessons and it kind of made me a better person and that I should treat my family with love and respect,” says Rhodes.“I know this is going to sound crazy, but growing up as a kid I watched Spongebob and now that I am older and more mature I still watch Spongebob.”

She add that when she was younger she read books like Junie B. Jones. “Growing up I read Junie-B-Jones because she was super quirky and funny,” Rhodes adds.

Rhodes now watches Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights. “I love this show because even though it’s considered a TV drama it still feels like suspense because you don’t know who is going to die next,” says Rhodes.

Childhood TV shows and books still bring a smile to the face of OJH eighth grader, Morgan LaBarge.

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Then and now