Possible Lego robotics competition approaching

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The Robotics Club, coached by Mrs. Suiter, has recently gotten the mat and Lego parts, which will speed up their progress.

The competition consists of programming the Lego Mindstorms ev3 robot to be able to perform certain actions like pushing, lifting, and moving Lego parts into designated places. Now that they have more to work with than just a video, they should be able to get a lot more work done.

There were many problems with ordering the parts for the mat.

Suiter says, “They closed the competition groups before we could get everything settled and then they denied us entry.”

They might compete against the seventh graders sometime this year. Caleb Burg thinks they will be ready for the competition. Suiter, however, thinks otherwise.

The 7th graders have no idea what’s headed their way and when they see what they have prepared for them. We’re gonna destroy them,” says Burg.

“I don’t think the students will be ready,” says Suiter, “I’m not sure that will even happen, but we will keep trying.”

Some of the students have become closer as friends during the meetings. Burg says two of his best friends are Morgan Taylor and Garrett Coggin.

Next year Suiter hopes to be more on top of everything and maybe even have a ninth grade competition with a different type of robotics. She is excited for the competition and feels bad that this year didn’t work out as planned.

This is the mat with the finished builds on it. Some of the members worked for about a week on building all the individual parts. “Robotics is fun, almost too much fun.” says Burg.