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Ms. Reynolds takes on eighth grade science

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While Ozark Junior High School science teacher, Mrs. Woods, had to be on leave for a family emergency, Ms. Reynolds has taken over the instruction of her classes while she is away.

Reynolds came to Ozark Junior High ready to substitute teach for Mrs. Woods about 4 weeks ago. “My favorite part of teaching science is getting to do a lot of hands on things like labs and experiments with the students. And constantly being able to expand my knowledge on the material,” Reynolds shares.

“Their are some challenges in teaching though,” Reynolds states. “When the technology stops working in the middle of class it’s always frustrating. So I’ve learned to have a backup plan.”

Jaden Wolfe is an eighth grader at Ozark Junior High School and she really enjoys science. “I like science because we get to learn about our world and who we are. I also enjoy being in science class because my classmates are really great at helping me when I am confused,” Wolfe states.

“Wow there are so many different subjects in science that it’s hard to choose a favorite,” Reynolds exclaims. “I would probably have to say that any time that I get to be working with science stuff is a good day for me.”

With so many topics covered in science Wolf says it’s hard to narrow it down to a favorite. “My favorite unit is actually the one we are currently in,” Wolfe adds. “Rocks and minerals. I like rocks and minerals because you get to learn about different rocks and where they come from.”

“I really enjoy having Mrs. Reynolds as my teacher!” Wolfe explains. “I like how she walks around the room and helps students who are having problems. Don’t get me wrong, I really miss Mrs. Woods, but Mrs. Reynolds has done a great job for stepping in.”

“There are many different types of science. Some of the topics that have been covered in the eighth grade at the Ozark Junior High School are genetics, body systems, diseases, and currently the students are learning rocks and minerals. Science has been around since the B.C ages and it will be around for many more years to come.”


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Ms. Reynolds takes on eighth grade science