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Boy Scout working to reach highest rank

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Zach Melton is a student at our school who is in the Boy Scouts of America. This is an organization for boys ages 11 to 18.

Melton has been in Boy Scout Troop 201 since the end of fifth grade and plans to stay in it until he is either 18 years old, or reaches the final rank of Eagle Scout. At the moment, he is Second Class, the third out of seven ranks.

Melton says, “To rank up, I plan to work hard to earn all the requirements.”

To get to the rank he is at, the boys must complete a series of requirements such as cooking, first aid, and knot tying. In later ranks, there are harder things they have to finish. Some things to help toward the higher ranks are holding a position in the troop, doing service hours, and completing Eagle required merit badges.

They have meetings every Monday night and do at least one campout per month.

There are many ages in Troop 201, from newly crossed-over scouts that are only 11 to scouts close to finishing high school. The age difference doesn’t seem to make much of a difference to how they all interact though.

Melton and his troop start on teaching the first rank to the new younger scouts. They have just recently crossed over from Cub Scouts and now need to start working to rank up. “They have potential to get where they want in life, and in scouting,” says Melton on the new boys.

“Most of us are very close and they’re always there when you need them,” says Melton about his relationship with his fellow scouts.

He says he would recommend scouting to any boy that is motivated to work hard, and will put in the effort to finish what is required.

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Boy Scout working to reach highest rank