OJH Should Stop Charging Students to Enter Home Games

Isaac Jenkins, Writer

March 18, 2019

Many students participate in school events and do their best to put out as much school spirit as possible. Admission prices are two dollars for students who want to enter any home athletic games which is a concern to some stu...

eValuate is Taking too Much Time

Ella Day, Writer

March 7, 2019

Many students in the Ozark School District always dread the day each month they have to take eValuate. Students grades 3-12 have to take eValuate in ELA and math. eValuate is a “benchmark” test. A benchmark is data gi...

Cheerleading is a Sport

Ashlie Mayes, Writer

March 7, 2019

  Some people say cheerleading isn’t a sport and it's not even dangerous. Cheerleading was voted as the number one contact sport and the most dangerous by the Journal of Pediatrics during October, therefore society shou...

OJH needs a Sign Language Course

Loren Newell, Editor

January 29, 2019

Everyone in the world has a language that they speak fluently. Some people even know more than one. Chinese, Spanish, and English are the top three spoken languages. However, 28 million people are classified as deaf and u...

Naviance Should Be Less Than Once a Week

Kendra Beard, Writer

January 23, 2019

Every Wednesday, students all around the school share the same grumpy response walking into advisory. It’s all because of one word. Naviance. What’s the use of doing it every week when it only comes in handy for a short ...

OJH Needs to Offer Career Courses

Lily Davis, Writer

January 23, 2019

Many students in junior high think that already have their future planned out, but how do they really know without experiencing it in some way? Schools need to offer career courses as soon as possible. It can help kids pr...

Ozark Should Switch to Year-Round School Schedule

Hannah Jones, Editor

January 23, 2019

Many students hear the idea of year-round school and immediately dismiss the idea. Today, there are over two million students in the United States who attend a year-round school in over 30,000 schools. Ozark should be among ...

OJH Should Teach a Mental Health Class

Tristin Cathcart, Editor

January 23, 2019

Mental health has had a common stigma for years that it shouldn’t be talked about. Many believe children should not be exposed to an issue that exists all over the world. But according to the National Alliance on Mental Illnes...

Why Are The School Lunch Blocks So Short?

Isaac Jenkins, Writer

December 3, 2018

There is one common phrase I hear from students throughout OJH, “Lunch is way too short.” Most students claim they need a longer lunch time because it isn’t long enough for them to finish eating. Unfortunately, this cha...

OJH Needs More Foreign Language Classes

Jayden Toliver, Editor/Writer

November 15, 2018

The broad choices of electives for 8th grade are meant to give students the opportunity to pursue their interests, but one area of study that does not offer enough variety are the foreign language classes. I believe there sh...

Welcome back

Grace Vance, Events Editor

February 27, 2018

There are always two types of students who come back to school after a long, two week break. There's the student who wants to come back to school and then there’s the student who does not. Loren Newell, an eighth grade student at Oza...

Two Christmases

Breeanna Garcia, Photo Editor

February 27, 2018

There are two types of people during Christmas time, there's happy and cheerful, then there's people who don’t celebrate or believe in it. There are also people who decorate outside their house and people who think putting up...